Partnership Programme


Partnership Programme

Building relationships with local Financial Services providers, allowing your clients to benefit from our Estate Agency Service, whilst you retain your own relationships and services.

EHL Partnership Programme

When you have a client looking to move home and they need to sell their current property, it’s easy to be worried about who you refer or recommend for your clients to use. Many larger High Street Agents not only charge high fees, but they may just look to organise the Mortgage and Insurance too, cutting you out of the whole transaction. 

So would your business benefit if you could retain ownership of your client, refer to a local Estate Agency partner that offers a No-Cross Sale Guarantee, and will also pay you for each successful sale?

Retain your Clients & No-Cross Sale Guarantee

As a Mortgage Broker firm ourselves, we know exactly how that feels. In 2019 we launched Essex Homes and Lettings, our own Estate Agency service that allows us to help our own clients without the need to refer them to other estate agents.

We now extend our services to Financial Services firms that are looking to build local relationships, where Advisers and Consultants can feel confident their clients get a local, personalised service, whilst being able to continue to deliver their own services without concern via our No-Cross Sale Guarantee.

How Does it Work?

Our Partnership Programme is ideal for local smaller Mortgage Brokers, that may be individual advisers or work in a small business – allowing you to retain the business opportunities, whilst earning an additional income from our Estate Agency service.

We will mutually agree the service you want from us, what you want to keep for yourself, and a regular contact strategy so you can be kept informed of the progress of each of your cases. We will also agree the level of remuneration we will share with you on completion for each product group

We also extend this to local Financial Advisers, Accountants, Tax Advisors, Will Writers and Solicitors – our Partnership Programme can include a number of other services that can compliment your own offering, allowing you to keep ownership of your client whilst increasing your income.


Jo Smith is a local Mortgage Broker, with a number of clients built up over the last 10 years. A number of Jo’s clients are always looking to move home, and obviously wants to keep arranging Mortgage and Insurance for clients, but doesn’t currently offer any Estate Agency service – instead Jo sends client’s to the local High Street to find an agent.

By partnering with Essex Homes and Lettings through our Partnership Programme, Jo can be sure that clients have a dedicated local Agent to be work with, and has confidence that the Mortgages and Insurance opportunities won’t disappear. Jo will also receive a % of the sale commission, providing a valuable additional income for doing nothing more than working with one of our local agents.

Build your Own Programme

For all our Partnership Programme Members, you can choose the benefits you wish to offer your clients, and we will provide you with a Referral Programme Agreement that guarantees you retain your client and we don’t Cross-Sell other services you offer. We will pay you a % of the commission or fee we receive, providing a welcome additional income.

Get In Touch

We appreciate you have spent years building your client portfolio, and you don’t want to lose it – we offer the opportunity to help you grow your business, keep those relationships, protect your own sales and improve your income – please speak to us on 01245 398466 or complete the form below and we will get in touch to discuss our service, and your individual needs.


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