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Essex Homes And Lettings and our responsibilities to you during COVID-19

At Essex Homes And Lettings we take the health and safety of our staff and clients extremely seriously. We are staying up to date with, and taking advice from the Government, Public Health England and the Chief Medical Officer as the COVID-19 situation progresses.

Given the current level of concern, we want to reassure all our clients that we have taken and will continue to take the appropriate and necessary steps to ensure our levels of service and quality are maintained, without risk to staff and clients and without loss of service whilst adhering to recommendations.

We will continue to monitor the situation on a daily basis and we will provide updates accordingly.

We have already taken the following steps and are confident that we can and will operate with minimal disruption through the next phases of the coronavirus outbreak whilst meeting the needs and requirements of our clients and the wider public.


As per current guidance, we have asked that most of our team members work from home. We have a limited number of staff working from our office, but we request that you do not attend our office unless it is absolutely essential. Please also do not attend without prior arrangement. 

We will be avoiding handshakes and asking anyone who visits our office to wash or sanitise their hands.

Staff still situated in our offices understand their responsibility to report immediately any change in their health, family health or circumstances.

We have provided hand gel on all staff desks and do not allow staff to share phones or equipment.

All door handles, phones, keyboards and other office equipment is cleaned regularly.


Where possible we are offering the following:

  • 360-degree viewings
  • Video call viewings
  • Recorded video viewings

All of our communication channels – telephone, email, text messages, messenger and social media are all operating as normal and all staff members are contactable. 

Buyer and Seller Information

We have introduced new procedures and guidelines in the event of viewing requests. These will be reviewed as the situation evolves but our foremost concern is to keep staff and clients safe. Please talk to our staff on 01245398466 or email with regard to this.

We are here to help and support all of our clients and we hope you, your friends and family remain safe and healthy for the duration of COVID-19.

Thank you for your patience, support and understanding during this challenging time.

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What are the Benefits of Downsizing in Chelmsford?

There will come a time in your life when you will want to downsize. This could be because you would like to release some equity, or it could be because your children have moved out and you now don’t need quite as much space as you did before. Either way, there are so many benefits to downsizing to a smaller home in Chelmsford that you’ll be sure to consider it for your own future.

What reasons are there to downsize?

There are so many reasons to downsize. Perhaps you feel your property is too big for your current family size, or perhaps you cannot keep up with the rising costs of utility bills. Perhaps you simply want to move somewhere more central, or further out into the countryside.

Whatever your reason, downsizing can be good for your budget, for your wellbeing, and for your life.

Here’s why:

What benefits are there to downsizing?

Better location or superior property

By downsizing, it’s likely you can do more with your money. In some cases, this could mean moving more centrally or to a location that you have always dreamed of just by choosing a smaller property. Similarly, you can also move into a space that has been better designed, which will save you the effort of remodelling your current, larger home.

Huge increase in savings

When you downsize, you have the opportunity to increase your liquid funds, especially if your mortgage is either entirely paid off or mostly paid off by the time you downsize. This way, you have money you can put towards your retirement, towards renovations of your new home, or to simply enjoy the good things in life.

More efficient use of your home

If you have a big family and they have now all grown up and moved out, then you don’t have an efficient use of your current space. Downsizing will allow you to live more compactly and efficiently, rather than wasting space that is not required.

Greater wellbeing and happiness

Many people find greater purpose and happiness when they downsize, especially as it means they can live closer and in better harmony with their loved ones. Remember, downsizing doesn’t mean living in a single room, it simply means forgoing excess space so that your funds and life can go further.

Tips to successfully downsize

Successfully downsizing is so much more than just buying a smaller home or even taking it to the extreme with a mobile property – a growing trend that helps those with an adventurous spirit see the world. It is not realistic to assume you can just downsize. You are going to need to first reduce your dependence on material items – depending on your situation, this could be very easy – and be aware of the strategies “tiny home” owners have used. Above all, regardless of the size of the property you are downsizing to, you are going to need to follow these tips to downsize successfully:

Declutter in advance before you downsize

The biggest issue with downsizing is getting used to a smaller number of belongings. Before you go looking for a smaller property to purchase, it’s a good idea to declutter your home and try to figure out what you actually need. Your kitchen, for example, likely has many items that could be used, but haven’t been touched in years, so get rid of them!

Now would also be a good time to invest in long lasting items over single use items, because the last thing you are going to want to deal with in a smaller property is an excessive amount of ‘stuff’. The less you have, the easier it will be for all.

Consider space saving solutions

Alternatively, you could look into multi-purpose solutions and furniture, which would give you the versatility of a bigger home in a smaller space. By making these changes and finding these solutions in advance, you will be equipped with a better understanding of what size space you need and what you can do with the space once it is yours. After all, the chances are you’ll have quite a healthy sum of money left over once you downsize.

Downsizing isn’t for everyone, and of course you still want to live comfortably, but when your children move out, it is often one of the best solutions to become more economical. Downsizing is also a great idea if you want to live more centrally, or if you want to live more purposefully.

If you are thinking of downsizing in Chelmsford please contact our expert team here at Essex Homes And Lettings on 01245398466. We will be delighted to show you a selection of properties in Chelmsford that fit your requirements.

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7 Tips to Increase the Value of Your Home in Chelmsford

Increasing the value of your home in Chelmsford is a smart way to go further with your investment. Even if housing prices naturally increase in the area as it develops, renovating and improving your Chelmsford home will boost its value even further. Between improving its aesthetics for yourself, and increasing the financial value for when you sell, here at Essex Homes And Lettings we want to share with you our top seven tips to get you there!

  1. Keep your property in good repair

Regularly deep clean your property, stay on top of any mould and damp, and generally aim to fix any issues as they arise. This will keep your home in great condition and help you spread out the cost of maintenance. In return, you won’t have to heavily negotiate on the price of your home when the time comes to sell, or risk it being actually unsellable because a small issue became a big issue simply because it wasn’t handled at the time.

  1. Install and nurture front and rear gardens

Front and rear gardens are a great way to improve the overall look of your property, and almost 1 in 5 buyers want these features. As a bonus, you’ll have a project that will keep you fit, out amongst the nature, have a beautiful home, and a lovely place to sit!

Tip: Many people today are looking to live more sustainably. Having beautiful gardens is a great way to start, as it offers a breath of fresh air even in the density of a city. To really appeal to these buyers, however, consider investing in a kitchen garden. Something that can be easily maintained, such as a wall of herbs, for example as this can really help sell your home.

  1. Add character features to your property

Far too often, beautiful character features get removed, so consider adding them in! Change lighting fixtures and fittings to options you find characterful or quirky, replace flooring to incorporate hardwood, add mouldings, beams and even an open fire or log burner. These character features add to the beauty of your home and can become a true selling point later on. At the very least, these character features will help your property stand out against the others in your area and make it easier to sell your property quickly.

  1. Improve your home energy efficiency

In terms of adding value to both the sale price and your wallet now, improving your property’s energy efficiency is key. This means replacing windows if they are not double glazed – or if they are very old, as double glazing loses its efficiency over time – it means insulating your home and changing the main doors so that they are better sealed. It could also mean investing in a new heating system. Central heating is a popular option, but there are many alternative means to heat a home that are even more efficient. If you get these changes done early, you can lower the cost of your utilities, and boost the value of your home.

  1. Add a bedroom

Adding a bedroom will instantly put your property into the next price bracket. A two-bedroom home will never sell for as much as a three-bedroom home, and if you have a sizeable loft you have the perfect opportunity to convert it. For even better results, add an ensuite!

Tip: Adding a home office or a playroom can be just as lucrative as adding a bedroom and can be done at a much lower cost. Add a rear extension to your property and use that extra space to make room for a downstairs office or child-friendly zone. With the rise of remote working, both of these options will appeal to working professionals and parents.

  1. Renovate the bathrooms

Modern bathrooms can look fantastic and help you feel like you have a spa in your own home! They can also increase the value of your property. Bathroom remodels are one of the top renovations that buyers and homeowners want done for their property, and new technology and materials are better than ever at keeping the room sealed and your home free of damp.

  1. Renovate the kitchen

Kitchen styles come and go, and chances are the kitchen you inherited when you bought the house is not to your standards or tastes. Renovate with timelessness in mind and remember to ensure your kitchen’s value is in line with your property’s value. A successful kitchen renovation can boost the value of your home significantly, but make sure you stay within your budget so that you see the value back.

For expert advice on increasing the value of your home in Chelmsford, contact the team at Essex Homes And Lettings on 01245398466 today.